About Us

~ established in 1968

At 14 years of age Bruce Hibbard left school and started at the bottom, working with his father as a builder in 1965. With no conveniences of today such as telephones, computers or even sewage systems, he was thrown in to assisting his dad on site as a labourer. As he grew in height so did his skills becoming successfully qualified in all aspects of building from digging the footings, laying foundations, erecting frames, mixing cement by hand and painting walls.  It was through sheer determination, persistence and strong work ethic that Bruce has become successful in creating homes for families and investors alike.

With establishing and creating Hibbards, Bruce has met each challenge head on and has risen from strength to strength with his visionary attitude and pursuit of excellence evolving the company from constructing 5 homes a year in 1974 to be a well automated machine forecasting to start 240 new homes in 2019 with an outstanding focus on quality and customer service. To get a true feel that where we build is suitable for our clients Bruce still to this day, personally approves every dwelling site that Hibbards develops. Being involved in the creation process is a true passion for Bruce that he endeavors to maintain for years to come.

Family is important. Securing income is important. Providing exceptional value and service is important.

We look after our clients, for the raving fans that they become and for the ethical responsibility we feel for helping Australians reach their dream of home ownership and income through property.
The communities that Hibbards build in are a high percentage of owner occupiers. We consciously ensure the estates don’t turn into investment villages. Many
investment properties that are being sold into the market today will most likely only ever be resold to investors, as owner occupiers don’t want to live there. A Hibbards investment property is built with the home owner in mind, and will be very attractive to a future home owner. This creates confidence that the properties have the greatest opportunity for excellent capital growth.