What is Save2buy? 

Our Save2buy program is where we help you save time and money in purchasing your home sooner. We do that by checking out your situation (because everyone’s circumstances vary so greatly) and seeing what it would take for you to purchase your own home. If you have the affordability then we can work with you, set your sights on the goal of a home, and then work with the timing so that you and your home are ready at the same time. 

Save2buy is a Hibbards initiative for first home buyers
where you can save time AND money and purchase your own home!

3 steps to start:

  • Fill in the online form with as much information as possible.

  • Our team check out your information and will contact you – so be ready to take the call for a quick chat.

  • Your affordability is assessed by the lenders and you will find out whether you can borrow enough for a new home.

What do I have to do to see if I’m eligible? 

The best thing to do to get started is to fill in the full inquiry form with as much information as possible. This will go to the team in your region and they will check out your information and give you a call. 

How long does it take to see if I’m eligible?

The online form might take you 5 – 15 minutes to complete. The team in your region receive your information instantly and will call you the next business day. Once they’ve collected all the required information to check your affordability then they will be able to give you an idea on your affordability within 3 working days. 


What if I’ve only been in my job for a couple of months? 

You do need to be in your job long enough for it to be considered stable. This consideration is up to the lenders, however the length of time that you have been in your job will have increased by the time you need to apply for finance when the house is ready – this is all taken into account when the team look at your info to see what you can do. So if, for instance, you’ve only been in your job for 2 months, but your situation means that you need to be on a savings program then by the time you and your house are ready you might have been in your job for 10 months. Each client varies with their program. 


What about my credit history? 

The lenders will do a credit check. You can chat to our team about any concerns you might have. What happens when you fill in the online form is, the team take a quick look and then give you a call to get any more information they might need. Your affordability is assessed by the lenders, but at that time you’re not applying for anything, it’s all just to see what your options are. Submitting your information through our online form does not affect your credit score. 



How long does it take on the Save2buy program?

Time varies depending on your unique situation. If you have great affordability and a deposit saved already then you could be ready to move in within weeks. Your affordability might allow you a timeline of 2 months or it might allow you a timeline of 10 months. When you are given the option of our Save2buy program, we will show you the time it will take with your current circumstances – that’s where we work together and make sure you and your home are ready on time, at the same time. 


What happens next?

If you don’t have the affordability then you wont be able to proceed onto the save2buy program. However, we can give you an idea about things you can work on changing in your situation so that you can then work on that and re-apply at another time (we want to help you as much as possible!). If you DO have the affordability, you’ll get to sit down with our team and work out a plan on our Save2buy program so that you can start working towards saving the required deposit for finance approval. You’ll be given the options of whether you want to proceed, and we’ll get started on making you a home owner.