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First Home Buyers
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First Home Buyers
First Home Buyers

Why Buy With Hibbards?

A complete home

Just turn the key!

Nothing more to do.

No Hidden Costs

If any extra unforeseen costs are incurred, they are not passed on to our clients.

Great designs

Combining function and style

To suit all our clients

With Open, well planned living spaces

With so many builders to choose from how do you select the right new home builder?
Hibbards will help you PLAN for the right home, not just sell you one. Helping you learn about your financial options including assistance from government grants and how to obtain them.
With the government incentives for first home buyers, you can save tens of thousands of dollars when purchasing through Hibbards. And if you’re no longer a first homebuyer we have solutions for you too.
The quality of materials used, the inclusions and warranties are a high standard ensuring compliance with building inspections to above expectation.
We are an experienced local builder with the strength and business knowledge to produce turnkey homes – to a range of clients whether as house and land packages or on completion, across NSW. There are no hidden costs EVER.

Since 1965, Hibbards has been a family-operated building company specialising in producing complete homes in turnkey style developements.
Hibbards partners with top suppliers to produce the highest quality move-in ready homes. We offer unparalleled expertise!

We work to make the process as painless as possible so you wont have any unpleasant surprises. We are commited to treat you with the highest level of service and respect.

After 50 years, we’ve earned our reputation as trustworthy, quality builders in the community.

Why Buy Brand New?

  • Easy maintenance: With quality construction, thoughtful design and improved building products, it is easier than ever to keep your home in great condition inside and out.
  • Energy efficiency: Wherever possible, the house is positioned to take full advantage of the sun. Thanks to advanced construction, higher levels of insulation, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, you not only save money on your energy bills, you also enjoy a far more comfortable home to live in all year round.
  • Safety: Constructed to the latest building codes, our new homes include a wide range of safety measures to protect you and your family, from electrical circuit protectors and safety glass to hard-wired smoke detectors.
  • Warranty: One of the great advantages of buying a brand new home is the warranty that comes with it. Professional builders stand behind their work with an after-sales service program.
  • Stable financial planning: Plan for the future with confidence. With a new home, you know what you are getting. Everything is brand new – there will be no major repair bills and no replacement costs for years to come.

Frequently asked questions about Save 2 Buy

What is save2buy?

Save2buy is a Hibbards initiative for first home buyers where you can save time AND money.
How? By using the first home buyers grant, the government concession on new homes, your rental history and the experience of the Hibbards team to make it happen.
But how do we make it happen? Everyone’s situation is different and unique. We assess where each of our clients are at with their financial position and show our clients how it’s possible for them to own their own home when they never thought it was possible.

Not everyone can do it straight away. Obviously its most important that you are able to service the loan – this is the basis on which the lender will approve the loan. If you cannot pay the repayments, then unfortunately you really can’t get the house.
You need to believe it’s possible in your future though. If you’re not in a position to purchase right now, our team will tell you what you need to do in order to be successful in purchasing your own home. We have had so many people come back after 12 months that have worked hard to reduce other financial commitments etc or have made other improvements and are ready to purchase.
The first step to knowing anything is to inquire through one of our online forms. From there you will be able to know from our assessment where you stand, and with that knowledge you can make informed decisions.

What’s the difference between save2buy and rent to buy?

Rent to buy, also known as rent to own, is a variety of vendor finance.

In Rent to Own, the seller helps the buyer by allowing the buyer to rent the house for a while, until the buyer builds up enough equity to qualify for a bank loan and own the house.

Read more here:

The difference between rent to buy and save2buy is that Hibbards provide the actual home and the service of helping first home buyers achieve their dream of home ownership is an initiative that we have called Save2buy.

Why Hibbards do not offer rent to buy:

We don’t do vendor finance and it’s all done through banks/registered lenders. We build homes, and help people realise their dream of home ownership. That’s our passion.

Do Hibbards rent houses?

At Hibbards we don’t do any rentals, however we do sell to investors who require tenants. If you are looking to rent, feel free to contact us and we can direct you to our preferred property managers within each of our locations that have proven to be the best in their region.

What’s the catch?

Our Save2buy program is where we help First Home Buyers into their own homes.
How can this be possible?

  • First home buyers get so much assistance from government grants that apply to new homes – the First Home Buyers grant and a concession with stamp duty.

  • If your income allows you to be able to make the payments of a house loan BUT you can’t catch a break to be able get the deposit and savings history then Hibbards will work with you to be ready in time at the same time as your home.

  • The main thing is your affordability. The finance is done through the banks. However, a lot of people are held back because of their deposit – we can show you how to use your government grants, adhere to the financial lenders rules, and work with you within your affordability to help you get there.

  • Hibbards have homes that are planned for construction months and months in advance. If your affordability is there but you do need more deposit, then you can put your name on one and we can guide you with the savings and with the timeline.

So what’s the catch?
You get your own home.

What is the Government Grant for First Home Buyers?

FHOG – First Home Owner Grant (New Homes) scheme is available for first time home purchasers for eligible transactions made on or after 1 January 2016, the grant amount is $10,000.
For more detailed information, click here:

How can I be eligible for this Government Grant?

All applicants must not have owned a home before
The home must cost less than $750,000
It must be a brand new home
For more detailed information click here:

What other Grants are available for first home buyers?

FHNHS – The First Home New Home Scheme is used in addition to the First Home Buyers Grant and allows a concession on stamp duty (transfer tax)
For more detailed information on this Government incentive click here:
you can do some stamp duty calculations here

First Home Buyers you get:

  • FHOG
  • Hibbards Save2buy program

  • and you end up with your own home