Purchase your new home with Hibbards, and don’t pay interest on your mortgage for the first 6 months!

That means your weekly repayments could be cheaper than rent.

Take advantage of the current low interest rates. After the 6 months are up, your repayments will continue on at the banks low interest rates.

*terms and conditions apply – click here

The inquiry process is simple:

  • Your current situation is assessed.

  • We work with you on a home that’s in your affordability range.

  • We make sure that you and your home are ready in time, at the same time.

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Terms and contitions for “6 months paid interest”:

Not in conjunction with any other offer. This offer valid from 6 April 2020 to 30 June 2020.
Upon offer and acceptance of “6 months paid interest” between Hibbards and purchaser, by signed agreement Hibbards will pay the interest portion on the principle and interest home loan on behalf of the purchaser. The purchaser must pay the principle portion of the loan during this time. After the end date of the agreement, the purchaser will be liable for the principle and interest payments.
All finance goes through registered finance providers i.e. lenders, banks.
All contracts that exchange between April 01 2020 and September 27 2020 will go in the “Win a Car” promotion.

What if something happens to your employment once you’ve purchased a home from Hibbards in this time?

We have a Mortgage Relief Package to assist.

Terms and Conditions for the Mortgage Relief Package:

The Mortgage Relief Package:
If you lose your primary source of income during this time, we will pay 50% of your mortgage repayments for 3 months.

  • Offered to individual purchasers at the discretion of Hibbards Pty Ltd. 
  • The Mortgage Relief Package is a predetermined agreement for contracts that exchange between 25 March 2020 and 31 December 2020. 
  • The Mortgage Relief Package for pre-determined agreements must be applied for through this form: https://hibbards.net.au/mortgage-relief-package/ with all required information given. 
  • For contracts exchanged but not settled prior to 25 March 2020, you can apply for the Mortgage Relief Package through this form: https://hibbards.net.au/mortgage-relief-package/
  • For homes that were settled prior to 25 March 2020, you can apply for the Mortgage Relief Package through this form: https://hibbards.net.au/mortgage-relief-package/
  • Mortgage Relief Package release will be determined by employment status that has been affected by the conditions relating to COVID-19 as determined acceptable by Hibbards Pty Ltd. 
  • All required documents and information must be provided in order to put application in for the Mortgage Relief Package, even with pre-determined agreements. 
  • Payment is made directly onto the mortgage and is not for redraw. 
  • Mortgage Relief Package will be paid in accordance to signed agreement. 
  • Total amount of each Mortgage Relief Package will be determined case by case at the discretion of Hibbards Pty Ltd. 
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Hibbards Pty Ltd and are as agreed upon when signing for Mortgage Relief Package. 
  • Fill in this form to get your situation assessed:

Thousands of people own a home today thanks to Hibbards and our programs.

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