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Gordon RuttyGordon is dedicated to delivering incredible futures and security to his clients. His strategy is to provide clients with safe, affordable and appropriately geared investment property options which provide high occupancies and rental income, with exceptional long-term re-sale potential.

With over 20 years of diverse experience in Australia’s property industry, Gordon’s success is an endorsement of his genuine desire to help people achieve their goals and reap the rewards of a rock solid future, without having to compromise on their current lifestyle.

The Gordon Rutty philosophy involves extensive research to help clients make informed decisions regarding the viability of potential property investments. As a leading property strategist, Gordon offers individualised property investment options which equate to a transparent simplified process – A SYSTEM (Save Yourself Time Energy & Money).

Peace of mind is a priceless commodity and something we all aspire to. The right property selection makes it easier to grow your investment portfolio in the future, ultimately increasing your wealth and providing financial security for the future.

Affordable, Quality Family Homes of Exceptional Value for Owners & Investors.

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