What is our SAVE2BUY program?

Our save2buy program fast tracks your savings to get you into your own home sooner.

This program is for first home buyers.

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  • Your current situation is assessed.

  • We work with you on a home that’s in your affordability range.

  • We make sure that you and your home are ready in time, at the same time.

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“…if we could get in with little to no deposit it would be a game changer!!”

“I pay high rent, I have a good job but we just can’t save a house deposit”

How quickly can you save for a full 20% deposit?
In one year, if you wanted to save a full deposit on a $500,000 family home you’re looking at $100,000 (which is around $2000 a week that you need to put aside).
Is that possible? or would it take you 5 – 10 years to save that amount?

Would it be best for you and your family to be in your own home, paying off your own home sooner?
We make it possible with our Save2buy program.


Don’t have the deposit? You can still apply to buy with Hibbards.


Save2buy is a Hibbards initiative for home buyers where you can save time AND money while purchasing your own home!
Everyone’s situation is different and unique. We assess where each of our clients are at with their financial position and show our clients how it’s possible for them to own their own home when they never thought it was possible. Not everyone can do it straight away. It’s most important that you are able to service the loan (meaning that you can financially make the repayments).

What is the difference between Save2buy and rent to buy? An example of “Rent to Own” or “Rent to buy” is where the seller helps the buyer by allowing the buyer to rent the house for a period of time, until the buyer builds up enough equity to qualify for a bank loan and own the house.
The difference between rent to buy and Save2buy is that Hibbards build the home and provide the service of guiding the home buyer through the process so that they achieve their dream of home ownership. When you move into your home, it’s your home – you’re not tied to renting it from us. Finance is done through registered lenders and the home is purchased just like how you’d purchase through a real estate agent.

What’s the catch? How can this be possible? If your income allows you to be able to make the payments of a house loan BUT you can’t catch a break to be able get the deposit and savings history then Hibbards could still help you get into your own home.
The main thing is your affordability. All finance is done through the registered lenders. A lot of people are held back because of their deposit – we can show you how to use any Government Grants that may be available to you, adhere to the financial lenders rules and leverage any possibilites to help you get there.
Hibbards have homes that are planned for construction many months in advance. If your affordability is there but you need more deposit, then you can put your name on one and we can work with you to make sure the timeline suits your situation.
We have helped thousands of people become home owners.
So what’s the catch? You get your own home.

What do I have to do first? The first step is to fill in the full inquiry form that gets assessed for your affordability. From there you will be able to know from where you stand with your current situation. With that knowledge you can make informed decisions.
*conditions apply.

  • Please complete this form to get started:

Hundreds of people own a home today thanks to Hibbards and the Save2buy program.

Hibbards Save2buy
Hibbards Save2buy
Hibbards Save2buy